L'Enrenou de Mobles is an activity that took place in the framework of the European Week for Waste (23/11/2010), organized by the Waste Agency of Catalunya(ARC). This is a workshop for designing household objects from more than 40 cubic meters of waste from bulky plant Reus Green Point. ldo created within the framework of this marathon in 7 hours, an outdoor and indoor furniture. Made of nylon and tire reused, two common waste and bulky with a difficult treatment for recycling.

+ 100 Diseños del Año en Colombia2007. /Foto:Carlos Tobon
+ Mención especial del jurado en el premio l´Enrenou de Mobles/Semana Europea de Residuos. Area de Prevenció i Foment del Reciclatge de l´Agencia de Residus de Catalunya. 2010.
+ http://ecodisseny.bcd.cat