"My home, Europe, free of exclusion" is the title of an event which will take
place on Sunday, May 9th, Europe Day, at the Convent of Sant Augustí in
Barcelona (ES) to present results of the project 736 ideas 4 a dream.
Ideas of more than 700 persons living in different European countries will be
shared through an exhibition of postcards as well as in a celebration with
dj’s, vj’s and project partners from 6 European countries.The initiative is realized
by the association CEPS (Spain), a REVES member, in cooperation with social
economy organisations and cities from five EU member states, among them
also Pfefferwerk Foundation (Germany). The objective is to create a dialogue
between the members of European Parliament and Europe's citizens on social
exclusion, thereby promoting the development and the consolidation of direct
democracy processes.

Project activities took place in six European cities through workshops that, in total, generated 736 postcards (one for each member of the European Parliament). Each of these postcards reflects problems that currently lead to social exclusion in Europe, as well as specific ways to solve them. The mission of the initiative is
thus not just to denounce social exclusion but, mainly, to understand its causes
and to develop a positive thinking which would help to seek for concrete solutions. ldo make pictures for the series 573Quality jobs with images of research on the resurgence of the waste pickers in Barcelona.
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